Trade Finance

Flexible Trade Finance solution providing you with credit to help finance your international goods and services.

Managed online via your existing Oku Markets account

Finance On Demand

Get credit to help finance your international goods and services when you need it most
  • Free Setup
    There's no setup or maintenance fee
  • Unsecured
    Doesn't interfere with your other credit lines
  • Flexible
    There when you need it, with no minimum usage

How Does Trade Finance Work?

We make it easy for you with just a few simple steps...
  • Your supplier sends you an invoice
  • You forward the invoice to us and we pay your supplier in any currency
  • You sell your goods and services
  • You repay up to 150 days later in your domestic currency

Pay as you go

There are no up front or hidden fees, meaning you can use the facility whenever you like without incurring unnecessary costs

Pay back 150 days later

Reduce your liquidity needs with our longer payment terms, up to 150 days

Your goods are yours

We take no collateral, which means there’s no impact on any existing credit lines you have

Eligibility & Key Benefits

We offer up to £3m to pay supplier invoices, which can be executed in the supplier's local currency, and allow clients up to 150 days to settle the balance.
  • Eligibility Criteria

    • 2-years trading history
    • Turnover £1million+
    • Net Worth £100K+
  • Finance On Demand

    • Free to set up and maintain
    • No minimum usage
    • Unsecured credit line
  • Comprehensive Solution

    • Pay in 140+ currencies
    • Manage yourself online
    • Use with Forward Contracts
  • Easy Exchanges

    Pay your supplier in their local currency and repay in yours. Avoid currency fluctuation risks and reduce costs
  • Improve Terms

    Pay your supplier earlier. Improve your supplier relationships and negotiate discounts
  • Total Control

    Align your outgoings with your income. Take control of your finances and improve your business cash flow

A Global Solution

Available to clients in the following countries:

Australia | Belgium | Brazil | Canada | France | Germany | Greece | Hong Kong | Ireland | Luxembourg | Netherlands | Poland | Portugal | Spain | Switzerland | United Kingdom

Get Started Today

Contact one of our experts for a quote and to find out more about Trade Finance
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Finance Provider

Oku Markets' Trade Finance Solution is provided by Ebury Partners UK Limited.