Transparent Pricing

Say goodbye to opaque pricing and asymmetrical value

Earning Your Trust from Day One

We're proud to do things differently

No tricks, no haggling, and no deception

  • Transparent
    Our fair and transparent pricing means we work with you, not against you
  • Consistent
    Prices won't move over time and they're consistent online and via the phone
  • Professional
    FX can be complex but we'll guide you through every step with honesty

Our unique approach to pricing

When you open an Oku Markets account we'll tell you the price based on the services you need and the amount you'll trade. That's it. We won't use sales tricks to deceive you, we won't increase the price behind your back, and we'll always be honest with you. Refreshing? We think so.

Fixed and Fair

We believe in fair and transparent pricing, so we'll be up-front and honest about the cost of our services
  • Private Client

    Stress-free currency conversions and transfers with fixed pricing capped at 0.50% depending upon your annual trading volume.
  • Corporate

    Always transparent and consistent, pricing is based on your annual trading volume and the services you need from us.

How do We Compare?

We serve Private Clients moving large sums and, SMEs and Corporates with regular or large one-off transactions
  • Banks

    Banks typically overcharge private clients and SMEs. Corporates get a better deal but, the service is generally impersonal and lacking in consultation.
  • Brokers

    Pricing at brokers varies wildly but, the non-bank market is known for opaque and inconsistent pricing. Dealers are often directly incentivised to take wider margins over time.
  • Apps

    Apps such as Revolut and Wise offer excellent pricing for small transfers. Businesses and individuals moving larger sums will benefit from our fixed pricing and personal service.

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We walk the walk

It's a competitive market and there are plenty of loud voices, but we don't just talk the talk!
  • Fair Value

    Pricing is always fair, transparent, and consistent. Reports are available any time
  • Expert

    Fully qualified markets & risk professionals whose incentives are aligned to yours
  • Trusted

    Payments services provided by well-capitalised FCA-regulated partners. You are in safe hands.
  • Nail the Basics

    Full coverage FX trading, payments & collections, currency accounts, & reporting
  • Supporting

    Customer service that is dependable, honest, approachable, and caring
  • Educate

    Educational insights that are useful, informative, and empower our clients
  • Digital

    Clients transact and fully manage their account via our secure online platforms
  • Actionable

    Sophisticated, actionable and bespoke currency analytics, strategies, and reporting

Learn About our Services

Oku Markets is a leading provider of currency risk management services and payment solutions