Powerful Payments

Trusted Transfers

Payments processing trusted by millions
  • Secure
    Online security and protected client funds
  • Fast
    Rapid payments using SWIFT technology
  • Stable
    Our payments rails process billions every month

Global Coverage

Retain full control over your international payments process, from beneficiary management to making and tracking payments, all online
  • 130+ currencies
  • 200+ countries
  • MT103 online

You're in Control

All Oku Markets clients benefit from multi-currency accounts with unique IBAN and account details. When you send payments, your recipient will receive a transfer with your name as the sender, not ours. Likewise, when you invoice your customers using your Oku Markets account details, it is your name and your unique account number they pay into, not a pooled account.
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Payments made Easy

We have extensive coverage and end-to-end automation
  • Payment Choice

    Make payments using SWIFT or local clearing, depending on your needs
  • Payment Confirmations

    Generate MT103 reports online for applicable SWIFT payments
  • Payment Tracking

    Track SWIFT payments like a pizza delivery with SWIFT GPI
  • Funding Sources

    Pay from an exchange, cash balance, or a forward contract
  • No Hidden Fees

    We don't typically charge payment fees, and we'll be clear on any costs
  • Security

    You're in control with two-factor authentication and approval models

Need to Receive Payments?

Currency collection accounts in your company's name

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