FX Orders

Protect against short-term downside risk or use market volatility to your advantage by targeting a more favourable rate

Orders are monitored 24 hours a day and we'll alert you once the rate is triggered

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  • Protect
    Your business against downside risk and unfavourable rate movements
  • Profit
    From intraday price volatility, and short- and long-term currency movements
  • Participate
    In advantageous market movements whilst retaining downside protection
FX Orders can be useful to capture or protect against short- or long-term price movements
You can leave an order live in the market to run when you're not looking at the rate or if you have a target level in mind.

We will monitor your order all the time the market is open, and you'll receive confirmation from us if your level is reached any time of the day, even whilst you sleep.

Our approach is to maintain consistency and transparency in pricing with FX Orders, something most in the market don't do!

Our FX Order Types

  • Take profit order

    Take Profit Order

    Set a trigger level better than the current spot rate. Should the level be achievable, we'll book the trade immediately and alert you. You can then choose to take delivery of the funds or roll the position into a forward contract.
  • Stop loss order

    Stop Loss Order

    Set a trigger level at a worse rate than the current spot rate to prevent greater losses. Care should be taken with Stop Loss orders, but we'll guide you through the process.
  • OCO order

    One Cancels Other (OCO) Order

    Set both a Take Profit and Stop Loss order at the same time. As either level triggers, the other is cancelled.

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