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Harry fx switsch 1030x539 Harry fx switsch 1030x539


It sounds straightforward, switching FX providers from one to another, but, there are a few hurdles to jump and common sticking points we’ve seen over the years. Whilst we make it as easy as possible, we believe in transparency and think it’s best to highlight some of the challenges that we come across from time to time.
Harry Mills, Founder & CEO
Correspondent banking relationships Correspondent banking relationships

Correspondent Banking Relationships

Like every aspect of the financial services industry, the correspondent banking world has changed a great deal over recent years due to technology, regulatory regimes, and risk management.
Henry Wilkes, Head of Private Client Services
Hary inherent risk 200 Hary inherent risk 200

Inherent and Residual Risk

Inherent risk and residual risk are simple but important concepts to grasp when assessing risk. This article explores how these concepts fit into a risk management programme and why it’s important to know your numbers!
Harry Mills, Founder & CEO

Previous Restructuring May Minimise Impact of Credit Suisse Sale on FX Market

FX Industry veteran Henry Wilkes, Head of Private Client Services at Oku Markets does not expect the ECB to change its thinking on interest rate rises as it was slower than most other central banks to start raising rates in the first place...
Henry Wilkes, Head of Private Client Services

What is meant when we read or hear about Volatility?

We all have an intuitive feel for what volatility is – we know when a market is exhibiting high or low volatility because we see differences in price changes. But it pays to be more precise with our language and to understand what is meant when we read or hear about volatility.
Harry Mills, Founder & CEO