Currency Audit

Our currency health check service will give you a full understanding of your conversion costs, accurately quantify your currency risk, and present ways to improve your currency management operations
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Transform your data into powerful analytics

All we need is a spreadsheet of your currency conversions and we'll crunch the numbers
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Professional, board-ready charts and data pack

Your custom report includes a market update for your key currency pairs in addition to statistical analysis of your FX trading, transaction cost analysis, and our suggestions for improvements

It's all Upside

You don't need to open an account for your Currency Audit

  • 72% of SMEs
    Incur losses due to currency fluctuations
  • 90% of businesses
    Would cut FX costs with Oku Markets
  • £0 cost
    Our FX Audit is a free service

Get Your Hands On Your Report

Each report is completely bespoke, with actionable insights on your currency transaction costs, currency risk, and our expert suggestions for improvements.
We're sure you'll benefit from our Currency Audit by benchmarking your rates and reviewing your currency performance
You don't need to open an account for the Currency Audit, but we're sure you'll be pleased with our work.

We'll provide you with our commentary and suggestions for improvements, and if you'd like to take the next step in improving your currency management, we'd love to welcome you aboard.

Rest assured that if we don't think we're the right fit for your business, we'll be honest and suggest somebody else who we think would fit the bill!

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