Clever Collections

Receive currency payments into accounts in your name and with a unique IBAN, and mange and exchange balances online

Collect like a Pro

Avoid expensive fees, expand your sales territories, and give your customers a better payment experience
  • SWIFT Collections
    Receive third-party payments via the SWIFT network in 130+ currencies. When you're ready, funds can be converted or used to make payments.
  • Local Collections
    Receive customer payments like a local with in-region collection accounts available in GBP, CAD, EUR, and USD (instead of UK-based accounts).
  • USD Fedwire Collections
    Fedwire is domestic to the US and is used for higher value, time-critical payments.
  • Complete Control
    Accounts are in your name with a unique IBAN, and you can manage balances online 24/7
  • Security First
    Client funds are safeguarded by our FCA-regulated e-money partners at banks and credit institutions
  • Fair & Fixed Price
    All exchanges are made at your account's fixed and transparent pricing, with no hidden fees

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the account be in my name?

    Yes. All collection and local collection accounts are in your company's name with unique IBAN and account details.
  • Are the accounts secure?

    Client funds are safeguarded by our FCA-regulated e-money partners at banks and credit institutions
  • Where can I collect local payments?

    You can collect GBP from the UK (including the Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey, and Gibraltar), EUR from any country within the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), CAD from Canada, and USD from The United States of America.
  • Do I have to exchange the funds?

    No. You can hold currency in your accounts and use funds to make payments or exchange for another currency if you wish.
  • Will the sender need to use a reference?

    No reference is required as the account is your name
  • How long does it take for funds to arrive?

    Currency payments are subject to cut-off times and sending bank timelines. Once received, funds are credited to your account within an hour.
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